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About me

Work experience

SysOps engineer with 1 YoE. Currently working as a consultant to Societe Generale and its orchestrated container team.

CKA certified, currently managing and administering Kubernetes clusters and all the additional components that surround it.

Current list of practiced technologies :

  • Kubernetes, Docker, Linux (CentOS and RHEL), Bash
  • Prometheus, Grafana, Sysdig, Hashicorp Vault
  • Jenkins, Git
  • Ansible, Terraform
  • Networking and compute private cloud stacks (Openstack)

Personal projects

Currently working on setting up a homelab server with leftover parts from an old PC and a couple of new ones. It will run Proxmox as a hypervisor which will host a VM for TrueNAS Scale which will manage my storage, another one for Ubuntu server which will run my docker containers (arr stack, qBit + gluetun) and most likely a LXC container running Plex. Transcoding performance remains to be seen. I also plan on selfhosting this website on this server.

This is the base setup, most likely I will follow this up with a Nextcloud installation with proper security.

Also I sometimes take pictures and/or make music

My face

img-descriptionenjoy :)